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Go-Somewhere! Japanese Art Tour
October 5-12, 2019
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, 3 Rosamond St. E., Almonte
Price: $7

The Go-Somewhere! Japanese Art Tour is a series of exhibitions and events showcasing the works of five female Japanese artists. The featured artists work in different media, have their own unique styles, and for all of them, this tour marks their North American debut.

September 28 – October 12
Tuesday – Friday
10am – 4pm
12pm – 4pm


Japanese Artists:

Tomoko Aso (oil painter)
Akiko Takeuchi (contemporary painter)
Kurumi Wakaki (print maker)
Mami Yonekura (folk artist)
Tsubomi Yonekura (silversmith)


Go-Somewhere! offers a unique opportunity for Canadians to see a diverse

collection of art from halfway around the world. This project also aims to highlight the

90th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Japan.