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New works by SAW Video grantees | Output 2019
6:30 PM on Thursday Jun. 20th, 2019
Ottawa Art Gallery - Alma Duncan Salon, 50 Mackenzie King Bridge
Price: FREE

Save the date and join us June 20th at the Ottawa Art Gallery's Alma Duncan Salon for our annual screening of SAW Video granted artists' works. We are very excited to premiere new works by artists created through our JumpstART and Production Fund programs.

OUTPUT 2019 will present works by Lynda Hall, Rachel Gray, Liliana Raimund, Edgar R. Hernandez, Gillian Kirkland + Andrew Letourneau, and Matthieu Hallé.

Artists will be in attendance to participate in a brief Q+A after the screening and we'll close out the evening with reception, including a cash bar and music.

Doors at 6:30PM, screening at 7PM.

OUTPUT showcases the various artistic practices and approaches to filmmaking that our centre continues to nurture through our commitment to distributing resources, sharing knowledge and building community.

In tandem with OUTPUT, our Knot project space / espace projet Nœud will be hosting the first in a series of public drop-in sessions offered as part of Expanded Practice, a new residency initiative created to support SAW Video producing members to expand the scope of their projects beyond the screening environment and into installation/exhibition formats. During these drop-ins, visitors will have opportunities to see artist Laura Taler’s El Adios, a work in progress developed with support from SAW Video’s Media Art Production Fund, in an installation context at SAW Video’s Knot Project Space. The first Expanded Practice drop-in session will be held from 5PM to 7PM on June 20th at SAW Video’s Knot Project Space at Arts Court.

SAW Video is immensely proud of the artists we support - join us in celebrating their work!

OUTPUT 2019 Program*

Elsewhere | Lynda Hall
Elsewhere is a 2-part film that uses memory and language to explore absence. In Alice, we see and hear through the repetition and de-construction of words and images, how memory is constructed, retained and decays. In Jim, the corporeal can’t be found, and only recorded words remain, reciting the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Together, these pieces document the filmmaker’s attempt to connect with her parents, and imagine where they are in their absence.
Produced with support from SAW Video's JumpstART program.

BUCKO | Rachel Gray
BUCKO loves that first few feet of water.
Produced with support from SAW Video's JumpstART program.

Venus | Liliana Raimund
Venus is a surreal art drama about a woman who is haunted by a traumatic past and struggles with mental health, relationships and healing.
Produced with support from SAW Video's JumpstART program.

Collective Presence | Edgar Hernandez
Bees are essential to keep the ecosystem functioning, which has an impact on our physical and mental health. Collective Presence, an experimental/documentary video project, reminds us of the crucial role of bees for humanity.
Produced with support from SAW Video's Indigenous Voices program.

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside | Gillian Kirkland and Andrew Letourneau
Inspired by the writings of Doris Lessing, Prisons We Choose to Live Inside is an expression of the opposing forces battling for dominion over a woman's psyche.
Produced with support from SAW Video's Media Art Production Fund.

May Waves Rise From Its Floor | Matthieu Hallé
May Waves Rise From Its Floor is an improvised performance piece for visuals and sound. Flickering candlelight influenced by Hallé's breathing, is focused with handheld pieces of broken crystal onto a video camera sensor, which becomes the light source that illuminates a 16mm film of an abstracted, ocean landscape. In a dialogue with the live music, the visuals are spontaneously adapted and created through the minute gestures Hallé makes with his hands and breathing that translate into an otherworldly presentation of colour and movement.
Produced with support from SAW Video's Media Art Production Fund.

*Please note that the final screening order will be published closer to the date of presentation.