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Top albums: Jul 31 – Aug 6, 2023

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 The Vanrays Put It Out 2023 Canadian
2 Steph Strings Lion    
3 Wodd Crash Test   Canadian
4 Jarhead Covers EP   Canadian
5 Orchid's curse The Decay   Canadian
6 Saigon Supersound & Carol Kim Saigon Supersound, Vol. 3    
7 Sleep Late Perfect Ruin Independent - 2023 Canadian
8 DAMON LOCKS & ROB MAZUREK New Future City Radio 2023, International Anthem Recording Company  
9 Franck L. Goldwasser Who Needs This Mess!!?? CrossCut Records  
10 Jantra Synthesized Sudan: Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground    
11 Kount Fif Single    
12 Ransom & Nicholas Craven Single    
13 王源 《追光的日子 OST》    
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Stranger Songs Mike Regenstreif Art & Artists
2 The Groove ELORIOUS CAIN Moombahton/Moombahcore/Glitch Hop/Dubstep
3 Friday Drive Trevor Walker [KitchenSinkVibes]
4 Night Shift Sam Smalley Shift #15: Prog, breaks, techno, electronica, drum and bass!
5 Monday Special Blend Nathanael Newton & Chris White Lorne Weiner, Chad Clifford and Michael Silverstone (Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust), Tiiu Strutt ('Land Heart Song')
6 Saturday Morning Alan Surmachynski I'm wide awake and it's morning !
7 Renny's Riot Wretched Renny MOVE TOO FAST; GROOVE TO LAST. Learning to slow down, a feature on the The Vanrays' new album, "Put It Out", organ powered madness and the longest track ever played on the Riot (and it's jazz!).
8 Thursday Special Blend Jeff Larocque Show #240 James Leclaire, The Tipped Ship and Malek Eye
9 This Island Earth Manmohan Panesar Electronic music from Africa + new releases
10 Friday Nite Truck Stop Ray Harris & Lefty! 10th Anniversary Show! Lefty drops by to guest cohost for the occasion!