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Top albums: Jul 3 – Jul 9, 2017

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Cuzo Ensalada Ovni   New
2 Sworn In All Smiles   New
3 Hard Science Dreaming In Stereo   Canadian New
4 Public Enemy Nothing Is Quick In The Desert   New
5 Mushy Gushy More Butter   Canadian New
6 New Swears And the Magic of Horses   Canadian New
7 Feist Pleasure   Canadian New
8 Bonnie Doon Dooner Nooner Record Centre Records Canadian New
9 Com Truise Iteration   New
10 Dezza AC35 / Would U Colorize Canadian New
11 Doldrums Esc   Canadian New
12 Es MP3   Canadian New
13 FET.NAT Gaoler   Canadian New
14 FEVERS Apologia   Canadian New
15 Fruit & Flowers Drug Tax   New
16 King Magnetic MP3   Canadian New
18 Lynne Hanson Uneven Ground   Canadian New
19 Mise En Scene Still Life On Fire   Canadian New
20 Needles//Pins Good Night, Tomorrow   Canadian New
21 Pale Lips Should've Known Better   Canadian New
22 Partner In Search of Lost Time   Canadian New
23 Quintino Go Harder EP Part 3: Do or Die Spinnin' New
25 Robbie Culture single   New
26 Sonoluminescence Trio + 1 Live at the Record Centre Record Centre Records (2017) Canadian New
27 Stars single   Canadian New
28 Teenanger Teenager Telephone Explosion - 2017 Canadian New
29 Telecomo For Sale Record Centre Records Canadian New
30 Trpl-R/The Quarter Inch Kings ft Louwop MP3   Canadian New
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 The Groove CHARLOTTE CAIN The 411 on RBC BLUESFEST 2017
2 Friday Drive Trevor Walker Farewell show for the summer
3 Cool Cuts Chris Sharp Instrumentals/musicians native to Kentucky
4 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver albatross...
5 What's The Frequency? Kevin O'Meara Reoccupy 2017 (Part 1)
6 This Island Earth Manmohan Panesar An eclectic mix of musics for the beginning of summer
7 Candyshop Candace Full Circle
8 Canadian Spaces Mike Regenstreif and Chris White Ray Barfitt, Campbell Woods, Tim Jackson, Anthony Toner
9 The Filibuster Brendan McLoughlin and Ben James Talking with Ashley Courchene about the #Unsettle150 Tipi building ceremony on Parliament Hill,
10 The Deep Blue VH3