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Top albums: May 29 – Jun 4, 2017

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Do Make Say Think Stubborn Persistent Illusions Constellation (02017) Canadian New
2 The Heliocentrics A World Of Masks Soundway Records, 2017 New
3 Maou Mindu Grind Against Humanity   Canadian New
4 RATS Lost in a Wave   Canadian New
5 Al Wood & the Woodsmen Hooka Train   Canadian New
6 Leeroy Stagger Love Versus   Canadian New
7 Swim Team Swim Team   Canadian New
8 Telecomo For Sale Record Centre Records - 2017 Canadian New
9 Billy Flynn Lonesome Highway Delmark Records New
10 Cold Capital Frozen Assets   Canadian New
11 Diana Krall Turn Up The Quiet Verve Canadian New
12 Ennanga Vision Ennanga Vision Soundway Records, 2017 New
13 Faced With Ruins Demise   New
14 Moonfruits Ste-Quequepart   Canadian New
15 NINJASPY SPUKEN   Canadian New
16 Tom Russell Play One More: The Songs of Ian and Sylvia True North Canadian New
17 Wise, Young & King This Madness   Canadian New
18 Betrayers 12 Songs To Haunt You YO MA! Records - 2017 Canadian New
19 Bitter North Bitter North EP   Canadian New
20 Chris Landry And The Seasick Mommas One Fifty Five   Canadian New
21 Don Bryant Don't Give Up On Love Fat Possum Records, LLC New
22 Doug McArthur Tears Like Rain   Canadian New
23 Growing Disorder Important (02017) New
24 Jerry Leger Nonsense and Heartache   Canadian New
25 Lynne Hanson Uneven Ground Record Centre Records Canadian New
26 Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan Get Me On Terminal M New
27 Netherfriends A Love Album   New
28 North Mississippi AllStars Prayer For Peace Songs of the South Records, LLC New
29 Oh Susanna A Girl in Teen City Stella Records Canadian New
30 Sam Amidon The Following Mountain   New
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 This Island Earth PeterB Accordions. Massive jam. A wander. New stuff. And a ground-breaking collaboration between Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass.
2 The Gay Agenda Adella & Sam ~Intersectionality~
3 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver quark, strangeness and charm
4 Thursday Blend Early Suzette Schmiedel Launching Awakening Ottawa with Daniel Mauro
5 Friday Drive Trevor Walker Some juice for the moves
6 The Groove ELORIOUS CAIN Eurodisco you don't often hear. It is DOORS OPEN OTTAWA here at CKCU! You can come and visit us in the studio!
7 The Deep Blue Jon Degan Dance & Techno
8 Both Kinds Of Music Dick Altavista Rey Sebatin of Hundred Pacer
9 Canadian Spaces Jason Andersson and Chris White Lara Kroeker
10 Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck Matthew Crosier Cherie band, Leeroy Stagger, Art on the Waterfront, April Verch & Joe Newberry