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Top albums: May 30 – Jun 5, 2016

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Honey and Rust Honey and Rust   Canadian
2 Sequential Dreams Legends Borders Edge (2016) Canadian
3 Blank Bullets Static Wave   Canadian
4 Calum Graham Tabula Rasa 4:26 Canadian
5 Grasstic Measures Square Dance Town   Canadian
6 Arms of the Girl Paper-Copper-Steel   Canadian
7 Brit Manor Only Child Bastard Jazz  
8 Kelly Sloan Big Deal   Canadian
9 Ray Harris Kinda Sets the Tone Independent (2016) Canadian
10 Tomato/Tomato I Go Where You Go   Canadian
11 Braids Companion   Canadian
12 Derek Gripper Libraries On Fire    
13 DJ Infinet Fishbowl E.P. Wonderground Canadian
14 Djelimady Tounkara Djely Blues    
15 Dragonette Single   Canadian
16 Drake VIEWS   Canadian
17 How Far To Mexico Drought   Canadian
18 Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids We Be All Africans    
19 Jen Lane This Life of Mine   Canadian
20 Pantha Du Prince The Triad Rough Trade  
21 Paul Simon Stranger To Stranger    
22 Pup The Dream is Over   Canadian
23 The Hygrades Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, Vol. 1 (1972-1977)    
24 The Night Watch Boundaries independent Canadian
25 Timothy Lee Miller (Cuba) Abrazo: The Havana sessions Background  
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 The Deep Blue Jon Degan & VH3
2 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver space is remorseless...
3 Sinhalese Rhythm Priyantha Wijeweera රොබට් නොක්ස් ("එදා හෙළදිව") Robert Knox's view of Sinhalese people (book published in 1681)
4 What's The Frequency? Kevin O'Meara The Masters Of Nothing: The Search For Anything (Radio Play)
5 Nothing To See Hear JFUN Heavy Grooves & Drone Tones
6 Ottawa Live Music Dana, Phil the Thrill and Charles Anthony Whiskey Fields
7 Candyshop Candace Bursting
8 Canadian Spaces Tonya Price and Chris White Honey & Rust, Kelly Sloan, Ottawa Singer/Songwriter Camp, Logan McKillop and Roger Roger
9 Monday Special Blend Trish and Ka Jamieson Mackay joins us in the studio after the 7 am news, Louise Rosseau joins us after 7:30 am with news about Festival Folk, after 8 am an interview with Calum Graham
10 Thursday Special Blend Matthew Crosier The Mouse That Roared - Annual Lawyer Play Fundraiser