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Canadian Spaces
Saturday June 4th, 2016 with Tonya Price and Chris White
Honey & Rust, Kelly Sloan, Ottawa Singer/Songwriter Camp, Logan McKillop and Roger Roger

The Art on the Waterfront Festival takes place this weekend in Chesterville. Honey & Rust release their brand new album tonight at Irene's Pub. Kelly Sloan just released her new album "Big Deal", you can catch her on Monday night for the Girls to the Front show at Irene's Pub. The Ottawa Singer/Songwriter Camp takes place from July 11-15, 2016 at the Alcorn Music Studios. "Each day will bring dynamic workshops and masterclasses that will help you expand and hone your music writing, lyric writing, singing, and stage skills. We will work on making your songs come alive for both you and your audience, helping you add depth to your music and create stories that draw listeners into your lyrics. We will discuss aspects of stage presence, including vocal delivery, self-accompaniment, microphone technique, and becoming more at home on stage. We will also explore personal artistry and big-picture questions, such as how to allow the music to flow through you, and how to include the audience so that your performance means something to them." Roger Roger and Logan McKillop are both from Winnipeg and will be performing at The Branch in Kemptville on Wednesday, June 8th and at Black Squirrel Books on Thursday, June 9th.
Freedom Blues
Ken Whiteley - Freedom Blues Canadian New
Old Alberta Red
Morgan Friend - Angel Going Down Canadian
Feel It in the Morning
Kate Weekes - Frost on Black Fur Canadian
Small Town
Julie Corrigan - The Language Canadian
Erin Saoirse Adair - Gaslight Canadian New
The Limit to Your Love
Feist - The Reminder Canadian
Aqua Alta - Dreamsphere Canadian
River of Sand
Lynne Hanson - River of Sand Canadian
Chasing Stars
Arms of The Girl - Paper Copper Steel Canadian
Hold Me Down
Honey and Rust - Honey and Rust Canadian New
To The Water
Kelly Sloan - Big Deal Canadian New
Oh Brother
Kelly Sloan - Big Deal Canadian New
Robins and Roses
Chris White - Inner Voice Canadian
Rachel Beausoleil, Megan Jerome & Elise Letourneau - Live in Studio A Canadian
13 Crows
Roger Roger - Fairweather Canadian
There Are No Words
Rachel Beausoleil, Megan Jerome & Elise Letourneau - Live in Studio A Canadian
Interactive CKCU
ENiiD aka Carol Goodman
Hey Chris!!! Great show <3 What time is the show on Monday? xoxo

11:13 AM, June 4th, 2016
Tonya Price (host)
Hi Carol, The "Girls to the Front" show starts at 8PM and runs until 10PM at Irene's Pub.

11:15 AM, June 4th, 2016
Chris your song Robins and Roses is a smooth, smiling song. Thanks for playing it, plus we could hear Sheila's accompaniment.

11:30 AM, June 4th, 2016