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Top albums: Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2011

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Opeth Heritage    
2 James Durbin Memories of a Beautiful Disaster    
3 Lajos Dudas what's up neighbor? jazzSick records  
4 Feist Metals Arts & Crafts Canadian
5 Encephalon The Transhuman Condition   Canadian
6 Sugar Ray & The Bluetones Evening Severn Records  
7 Amy's Arms Clandestine   Canadian
8 Bry Webb Provider Idée Fixe Records Canadian
9 Coeur De Pirate Blonde Grosse Boîte Canadian
10 Vildhjarta Måsstaden    
11 Demetria Taylor Bad Girl Delmark  
12 Huddle All These Fires   Canadian
13 Pretty Little Death Machine s/t   Canadian
14 Bill Bourne and the Radio Free Band Bluesland   Canadian
15 Bryan Anthony A Night Like This Mercator Media  
16 Charlotte Cornfield Two Horses   Canadian
17 Craig Cardiff Floods and Fires Indie Canadian
18 Dan Mangan Oh Fortune Arts & Crafts Canadian
19 DR. SAKIS youtube    
20 Indi Loveless pre-release    
21 Irem Bekter Primero Malasartes  
22 Mark Winkler Sweet Spot Cafe Pacific  
23 Matthew Meadows Temple of Zither pre-release    
24 Mike Evin Do You Feel The World   Canadian
25 Sevara Nazarkhan Tortadur Sevaramusic  
26 Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire The Real Deal Delmark  
27 Sounds of Lions Sounds of Lions   Canadian
28 Still Winter Hills unreleased   Canadian
29 Susan Wylde In The Light Sun, Moon & Stars Canadian
= Canadian content New = New release