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Top albums: Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2011

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Opeth Heritage   New
2 James Durbin Memories of a Beautiful Disaster   New
3 Lajos Dudas what's up neighbor? jazzSick records New
4 Feist Metals Arts & Crafts Canadian New
5 Encephalon The Transhuman Condition   Canadian New
6 Sugar Ray & The Bluetones Evening Severn Records New
7 Amy's Arms Clandestine   Canadian New
8 Bry Webb Provider Idée Fixe Records Canadian New
9 Coeur De Pirate Blonde Grosse Boîte Canadian New
10 Vildhjarta Måsstaden   New
11 Demetria Taylor Bad Girl Delmark New
12 Huddle All These Fires   Canadian New
13 Pretty Little Death Machine s/t   Canadian New
14 Bill Bourne and the Radio Free Band Bluesland   Canadian New
15 Bryan Anthony A Night Like This Mercator Media New
16 Charlotte Cornfield Two Horses   Canadian New
17 Craig Cardiff Floods and Fires Indie Canadian New
18 Dan Mangan Oh Fortune Arts & Crafts Canadian New
19 DR. SAKIS youtube   New
20 Indi Loveless pre-release   New
21 Irem Bekter Primero Malasartes New
22 Mark Winkler Sweet Spot Cafe Pacific New
23 Matthew Meadows Temple of Zither pre-release   New
24 Mike Evin Do You Feel The World   Canadian New
25 Sevara Nazarkhan Tortadur Sevaramusic New
26 Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire The Real Deal Delmark New
27 Sounds of Lions Sounds of Lions   Canadian New
28 Still Winter Hills unreleased   Canadian New
29 Susan Wylde In The Light Sun, Moon & Stars Canadian New
= Canadian content New = New release