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Top albums: Aug 2 – Aug 8, 2010

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Arcade Fire The Suburbs Merge, 2010 Canadian New
2 Danzig Deth Red Sabaoth   New
3 JW-Jones Midnight Memphis Sun   Canadian New
4 Guitar Shorty Bare Knuckle   New
5 Forest City Lovers Carriage   Canadian New
6 Tad Robinson Back In Style Severn Records New
7 Fall of Knowledge March of the Whales   Canadian New
8 JW- Jones Midnight Memphis Sun NorthernBlues Music Canadian New
9 SIG:AR:TYR Godsaga   Canadian New
10 Terry Gillespie Brother of the Blues Indie Canadian New
11 Annie Lou Annie Lou   Canadian New
12 Broken Social Scene Forgiveness Rock Record Arts and Crafts Canadian New
13 Dave Rave Live with What You Know   Canadian New
14 Grupo Rebolu Columbian Music Festival   New
15 Laya Project Laya Project Earthsync New
16 Mike Martel She waits for Me   Canadian New
17 The Sadies Darker Circles   Canadian New
18 Apostle of Hustle Eats Darkness Arts and Crafts Canadian New
19 Darken Souls   Canadian New
20 Drumheller Glint Rat-Drifting Canadian New
= Canadian content New = New release