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Top albums: Apr 12 – Apr 18, 2010

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Little Esther Little Esther Early Hits JSP New
2 The Rebel Wheel We are in the Time of Evil Clocks 10T Canadian New
3 Jeff Healey Last Call Stony Plain Canadian New
4 Trevor Alguire Now Before Us Indie Canadian New
5 Tara Holloway Sins To Confess   Canadian New
6 Big Chill A Chill in the Air   Canadian New
7 Digging Roots We Are   Canadian New
8 Paganini XXI Century demo   New
9 Roky Erickson (w/ Okkervil River) True Love Cast Out All Evil Anti New
10 Shakura S'Aida Brown Sugar   Canadian New
11 TEKNOBRAT WE ARE TEKNOBRATS (EP) unreleased   Canadian New
12 Alain Tambay Back 2 Square 1   Canadian New
13 Alise Marlane Room For Less Indie Canadian New
14 Anders Drerup Songs for the Common Man Indie Canadian New
15 Evil Farm Children 7 inch dad's favourite records Canadian New
16 Hans Dalen Hans Dalen   New
17 Iconcrash Enochian Devices   New
18 Janiva Magness the devil is an angel too Alligator New
19 Johhny Hollow Dirty Hands   Canadian New
20 Lai Youttitham demo   Canadian New
21 Mark Alexander McIntyre Situs Inversus Totalis Seductive Sounds Canadian New
22 Mark Hummel retro-active Electro-Fi New
23 Morion Insomnia   New
24 Ron Ziai Ron Ziai   New
25 Seven Thorns Forest Majesty   New
26 Stars The Five Ghosts   Canadian New
27 TEKNOBRAT unreleased   Canadian New
28 the band whose name is a symbol Biker Smell Birdman Sound Canadian New
29 The Pack A.D. WE Kill Computers Mint Records Canadian New
30 Vecordia Opowieski Przyszlego Zmierzchv   New
31 Via Mistica demo   New
= Canadian content New = New release