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Program eV's Underground: LEAH / Exploding Boy / Trivium
Hosted Bye.V.
Date2:00 AM on Oct. 22nd, 2013
HOUR 1: LEAH : celtic/symphonic metal fusion (Vancouver, Canada) HOUR 2: Exploding Boy (Stockholm, Sweden); Plus brand new tracks from The 69 Eyes (Helsinki, Finland) and Frostbite (Georgia, USA) as well as Escarlatina Obsessiva (São Thomé das Letras, Brazil) HOUR 3: Lady Death Presents: Trivium's latest, "Vengence Falls" HOUR 4 + 5 REVERBNATION Band of the Week: Brothers Of Alien Rock (Orlando, FL, USA) HELSINKI Spotlight shines this week on LOVEX. SEPIACHORD Steampunk segment artists: ABNEY PARK. CAN CON bands for this week: 1. Modified 2. California Death Rays (who are in Ottawa playing the Avant Garde this week)

Artist Album Track Label  
HIM Tears On Tape Hearts At War Double Cross   
HIM Tears On Tape Trapped In Autumn    
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Prisoner   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Remember   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Old World   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels I Fade   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Ex Cathedra   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Ocean   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels A Thousand Years   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Tragedy & Magic   Canadian
LEAH Of Earth & Angels Mainland   Canadian
Cathedral single At The Gallow's End    
The 69 Eyes single Lost Without Love   New
Frostbite pre-release Venus In Furs (Raven remix)   New
Exploding Boy Four Cracked - Reasons   New
Exploding Boy Four Street Cliche   New
Exploding Boy Four Going To Hell   New
Exploding Boy Four Dark CIty (Part II)   New
Exploding Boy Four Shadows   New
Exploding Boy Four Always   New
Exploding Boy Four Get It Out   New
Exploding Boy Four Scared To Death   New
Escarlatina Obsessiva The Organ Grinder Songs Millions Of Bones   New
Escarlatina Obsessiva Pandemic Buried In Sand    
Trivium Vengeance Falls Brave This Storm   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls Vengeance Falls   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls Strife   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls No Way To Heal   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls To Believe   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls At The End Of This War   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls Through Blood And Dirt And Bone   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls Villany Thrives   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls Incineration: The Broken World   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls Wake (The End Is Nigh)   New
Trivium Vengeance Falls No Hope For The Human Race   New
Brothers Of Alien Rock Landing Everybody Dies   New
Brothers Of Alien Rock Landing Dead Wrong   New
Brothers Of Alien Rock Landing Movin' Out   New
Brothers Of Alien Rock Landing Ring of Fire   New
Ajenda Unrecognisable Dirty Rock 'n Roll   New
Ajenda Unrecognisable Unrecognisable   New
Promethium Origins Origins   New
Lovex single Miracle   New
Lovex single Guardian Angel    
HIM Digital Versatile Doom Soul On Fire    
Týr Valkyrja Valkyrja   New
Modified single Die To Resist   Canadian
Modified single Cruel Temptation   Canadian
California Death Rays demo The Drifter   CanadianNew
California Death Rays demo California Death Rays   CanadianNew
Double Eyelid single Dead Is Better   Canadian
Scythia ... of exile Hobart's Inn   Canadian
Orange Goblin Time Travellin' Blues Time Travellin' Blues    
Woods Of Ypres Grey Skies & Electric Light Keeper Of The Ledger   Canadian
Abney Park The Circus At The End Of The World Scheherazade   New
Abney Park The Circus At The End Of The World Katyusha   New
Canadian Canadian contentNew New release
Interactive CKCU

Hello listeners....& eV... ^-^

2:43 AM 22-Oct-2013
e. V.

hey! *hugz* :)

2:49 AM 22-Oct-2013

You got my name right, good morning! :)

5:01 AM 22-Oct-2013
e. V.

:) Oh good! Good morning! :)

5:08 AM 22-Oct-2013

Hi ev it's josh I'm a regular listener to show And I love it. Enjoyed this mornings show

7:42 AM 22-Oct-2013
e. V.

hey Josh! thanks for listening. :) much appreciated

6:57 PM 24-Oct-2013

It's my pleasure ev

4:25 PM 07-Nov-2013
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