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Hosted by: e. V. every Tuesday from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM
Focus: Morphine Kisses from the Abysss/Home of the Creepysweet
Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jan. 27, 2015 e.V., Queen of Doom (in spirit) REAIR: Týr /​ Daggerplay /​ Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy /​ The Almighty Rhombus
Jan. 20, 2015 e.V., Queen of Doom Mixed Doom /​ Glenn Love /​ Nathaniel Johnstone /​ Marilyn Manson /​ Jaani Peuhu
Jan. 13, 2015 e.V., Queen of Doom Devin Townsend Overload!! Plus, Greylights
Jan. 6, 2015 e.V., Queen of Doom Dark Tranquility /​ Insomnium /​ HIM /​ Atttrition /​ The Lyre Ensemble & Stef Conner /​ Vesperia
Dec. 23, 2014 e.V., Queen of Doom Merry Xmas! Lady Death's Best of 2014 continued: (non-mainstream) + Opus Of A Machine + Sixx:A.M.
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Home of the Creepysweet - 5 hours of sonic seduction!! Morphine ♥♥Kisses♥♥ from the Abyssssssss...

Interviews & more on our Official Webpage!

Weekly since 2008, e.V. and Lady Death bring you melodic metal, goth, hard rock, and more.

From doom to gloom, from steam to scream, dream the dead of night away to various sorts of metal (doom, folk/viking, stoner, goth, melodic death & black, prog, symphonic), goth & hard rock w/powerpop, psychedelic, electro, indie, punk, folk and world thrown into the blender during the last 2 hours of the show.

Hour 1 - melodic metal

Hour 2 - gothic grooves

Hour 3 - album or band feature, most weeks programmed by Lady Death

Hour 4 - local weather + special features: The ReverbNation Band of the Week, The Helsinki Spotlight Artist (music from                         anywhere in Finland)

Hour 5 - Can-con Band of the Week plus the most weeks we have a Sepiachord Steampunk Spotlight Artist.

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