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Reports, features and interviews in English, French and German.
Hosted by: Hans G. Ruprecht and Helmut Zobl
Airs: Every Wednesday from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM

CKCU Literary News

Date Host Highlight On Demand
May. 24, 2017 Hans G. Ruprecht, reporting Canada's cultural diversity dividend. Panel discussion part 2 .
May. 17, 2017 Hans G. Ruprecht GLOBAL CENTRE FOR PLURALISM The 'Diversity Dividend' Special Report.
May. 10, 2017 Hans G. Ruprecht & Friederike Knabe Ottawa International Writers Festival 2017
May. 3, 2017 Hans G. Ruprecht Christine Palmiéri, artiste multimédia et poète.
Apr. 26, 2017 Hans G. Ruprecht Literaturverein 42er Autoren
Apr. 19, 2017 Hans G. Ruprecht Azza Dridi, 'Paroles du Maghreb'

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Hosted and produced by Hans G. Ruprecht, co-hosted by Helmut Zobl, in collaboration with numerous contributing correspondents, the show is being aired in three languages, alternately in English, French and German. Reports, features and interviews are primarily dealing with contemporary literature. They are about 'Literatures in Europe Today', 'Les Actualités littéraires dans le monde francophone', and on contemporary 'Literatur in deutschsprachigen Ländern'. More information> CKCU Literary News programs

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