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Pure Radio Kaos

Pure Radio Kaos
Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 with bobby

motherly love
FZ - Joes Corsage
plastic people
FZ - *
anyway the wind blows
FZ - *
ain't got no heart
FZ - *
zoot allures
Zappanoia - Zap 14
lets move to cleveland
octafish - *
lets make the water turn black
gaudini / godin - *
bamboozled by love
the muffinmen - *
anyway the wind blows
candy zappa - *
it can't happen here
the grandmothers - *
Interactive CKCU
Shirley Fisher
This listener wants to hear ALL FRANK ALL THE TIME! Wish this show was longer! Your doing a GREAT JOB BOBBY... keeping Frank Zappa alive! Thank you!

3:49 PM, November 30th, 2011
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