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Pure Radio Kaos

Pure Radio Kaos
Wednesday August 15th, 2018 with Lawrence Dunn
mixtape fun

Bobby Marquis is on Vacation! A break from the regular concept programming. I can't hope to emulate Bobby M but i will do my best! Today I will share a mixtape style playlist of some stuff I enjoy in my day to day rotation. Cheers!
Calling You
Medusa - Calling You - Schnecke Records 1978
Watch Out
Wells Fargo - Watch Out - Now Again Records 2016 (1977)
Let the World Turn
Death - For the Whole World to See - Drag City 2009 (1975)
Rory Gallagher - Calling Card - Chrysalis 1976
I Got The Fire
Montrose - Paper Money - Warner Bros Records 1974
Have Not Been the Same
Slow - Against the Glass - Artoffact 2017 (1985) Canadian
The Mexican
Babe Ruth - First Base - Harvest EMI 1972
You Keep me Hanging On
The Ferris Wheel - Can't Break the Habit - Pye Records 1967
Between Clark and Hillsdale
Love - Forever Changes - Electra 1967
Help me
Amish - Amish - Sussex 1972 Canadian
Fall Away
Sugluk - Fall Away - CBC 1975 Canadian
Thick as a Brick (2012 remaster)
Jethro Tull - 50 for 50 - Parlophone 2018
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