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Wednesday October 13th, 2021 with Maia Smith & Ariel Harker
Fall 2021 - Episode 3

Another safe and solid edition of Midweek, with hosts Ariel Harker and Maia Smith donning masks and finding space for their scripts amid the supplies of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes! This Midweek had a sporty edge off the top: Ralph Jean-Jacques looked at the prospects for this year’s edition of the Carleton University Men’s Basketball Ravens, and Cassandra Yanez-Leyton spoke with locals about how they feel about crowds once again getting to assemble to cheer the Ottawa Senators in their home rink. Ben Andrews then found out how a global shortage of bicycles is a boon for local bike recyclers, and Maia Smith met up with the notorious BALG — the Badass Lady Gang, a learn-to-run group that’s getting back on the road after a pandemic shutdown. Cindy Tran then looked at the science of tracking butterfly migrations, Ariel Harker looked at anger over what the pandemic showed us about safety in the long-term care system, and Zoya Davis reported on the recent Human Rights Tribunal ruling in B.C. that deliberately misgendering someone is a rights violation. Cindy then shifted gears and interviewed a local transit critic about the headaches plaguing Ottawa’s new(ish) light rail system. Camille Vinet looked at COVID-19 safety rules for travel types that do still work, and Zoya Davis checked on how this year’s Riverside electronic music fest will try to balance safety and raving. Cassandra was back with a documentary on drawing the human form is once again drawing humans back to the studio, and Sarah O’Leary looked at how craft creators prepare for online craft fairs. Zoya also came back with a interview with a Carleton student who’s helping to get books into the hands of those behind bars, Maia met with a man who’s trying to get comic books, graphic novels and lots else out of his garage with what he called a big geek garage sale.
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