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Wednesday November 1st, 2017 with Kat Topinka and Carly Pickett
Live radio can be scary stuff — but listeners to our Nov. 1 Midweek show heard no clues how badly we scared ourselves as we raced against the clock with breaking stories as our day-after-Halloween show went to air!

Instead, listeners heard about creepy-crawlies from an entomologist at the Museum of Nature (just having to say “entomologist” on the air is pretty scary!), a “Pumpkinferno” at Upper Canada Village, rattling bones on the Governor-General’s doorstep in Rockcliffe, a rock’n’rollin’ Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Mayfair Theatre, and how the Mexican Day of the Dead is actually a celebration of lives — not Halloween’ish at all, despite first impressions. Real life has its frights, too — we discussed harassment and assault accusations against actor Kevin Spacey, what’s behind Quebec’s new law on face coverings, recognition for a fighter for the rights of women prisoners, threats that keep 60-year-old NATO on the job, and…zombies — meaning those folks who wander out into traffic staring at their phones…apparently anxious to become ghosts. We met an emerging broadcaster who hasn’t let disabilities shut him down or up, went dogsledding in the Yukon, and heard two stories about those committed to spreading understanding of the past and present of First Nations and Inuit in Canada. And, of course, Pokémon — need we say more? A wild ride behind the scenes — and a great show over the radio!
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