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The Switchup
Sunday August 7th, 2016 with SKCZY, Johnny, & Bobby B
Switchup 003 with SKCZY, Johnny, & Bobby B LIVE!

The crew is back this week with Bass Music ranging from 100bpm all the way up to 180bpm! With SKCZY, Johnny, and Bobby B all playing LIVE this time around we are in for guaranteed madness. You have been warned. Tune in every SECOND Saturday night ( Sunday morning ) to The Switchup on the mighty 93.1FM CKCU! If you want to say hello to the crew you can give us a call in studio at 613-520-2528! Check us out on Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter! @SKCZY @ITSOJohnny / johnny93.1 @BobbyB_Music
Para Essa Bunda
Mettabbana - -
Rocket Launcher
Green Lantern & Craze - -
Mi Gent'
Rathero - -
Bloodclat (Puzzles Moombahton Edit)
Donald Bucks - -
Bomboco (El Catorce Remix)
Unknown - -
Corrosion (Moombahton Original Mix)
Dj Melo - -
The Comeback (Moombahton Original Mix)
Dj Melo - -
Topless Riddim (Moombahton Original Mix)
Dj Melo - -
Ginza (MaxX & EJ Remix)
J. Balvin - -
Ghetto Bass
Kid Chaos - -
Zyka - -
Drop Di Bomb (Karasumi Bunch Refix)
Bad Royale feat. The Kemist - -
Star Time (Moombahton Original Mix)
Dj Melo - -
Herb Is A Plant
Dj Mackboogaloo - -
Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)
Dillon Francis - -
Bang Bang Woo
South Rakkas Crew & Marcy Chin - -
Sobran Las Palabras
Los XL - -
Cannibal (Raggaeton Bootleg)
Colossal - -
Lao Lao
Dazed Dog - -
Teta Teta Teta Teta (JavierjoeK & Medina! Moombootleg)
Happy Colors - -
Interactive CKCU
Good decision to come back. Thanks.

1:41 AM, August 7th, 2016
Nasty sets lads!!

12:45 PM, August 7th, 2016
Elorious Cain
Some amazing tracks tonight!

5:20 PM, August 8th, 2016

8:10 PM, August 8th, 2016

10:10 AM, August 9th, 2016