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The Switchup
Sunday January 25th, 2015 with SKCZY & ITSO Johnny
Shake Docksta Mix #1 With SKCZY & Johnny LIVE!!

Tonight is the official beginning of an exciting new era for us at The Dockingstation as we welcome SHAKE to the team!! He will be sending us mixes every 2 weeks (at least) and we can expect him IN STUDIO to mix LIVE and to chat anything and everything Bass Music with us a few times throughout the year! SO. Tonight we will start the show off with his first official Docksta Mix, which we know will get you moving. Then SKCZY will close out the remainder of the show with a bunch of new Bass Music from across the globe! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!! Check out the show live at 93.1 on your FM dial in Ottawa or at anywhere else on the planet. If you would like to comment on the show, get a shout out, or want to say “Big Ups!!” to the studio crew call us in studio at 613 520 CKCU (2528)! Don’t forget follow us on Twitter: @CKCUFM @docksta @SKCZY @itsojohnny @shake_liam Or Like Us on Facebook! CKCU FM, The Dockingstation, Shake Music
Make The Ground Shake Vol. 1
SHAKE - - Canadian
Bacon Psalm
12th Planet & Protohype - -
Everybody Rock
xCore - -
6 God (Thugli Remix)
Drake - -
SheKnowSheBad (Grabbitz Remix)
HeRobust - -
Don't Give Up
Flinch - -
SPL - -
Killing Machine V.I.P.
Twine - -
Four Horsemen
Ripple, Aweminus, Phiso & Acting Damage - -
Crunch Time
Dubloadz - -
Son Of Kick - -
Bleep Bloop - -
Bless That
12th Planet & Tha Trickas feat. Armanni Reign - -
Interactive CKCU
kazzamm woww

12:32 AM, January 25th, 2015
Great first Mix for Shake on the Docking Station, IT was intense and spectacular,LOVED IT intensely !!

12:44 AM, January 25th, 2015
DJ Stails
Monster mix - Monster mix - motherfukin Monster Mixxxxx!!!!!!

12:53 PM, January 26th, 2015
Elorious Cain (host)
A BIG welcome to SHAKE!

4:31 PM, January 27th, 2015
The beginning of this show is totally awesome, sick and chocked full of nrgy!

3:24 PM, January 29th, 2015
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