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Bew Cocky Salsa

Bew Cocky Salsa
Tuesday September 13th, 2011 with jessrawk & the Staples

Blah bloo blah bloo bling bling blah!!
jessrawk's set:
Traveller's Digest
Library Voices - Summer Of Lust Canadian New
The Reverb Syndicate - Sputnik-A-Go-Go Canadian
Just My Luck
RLMDL - (unreleased ep) Canadian New
Yours & Mine
HotKid - Under The Streetlight EP Canadian
Orgy In Portland
Jesse Matheson - Pleasure Pounds Canadian
How Come You Never Call
Quiet Parade - This House Is Haunted Canadian
Your Heart
Andy Shauf - Darker Days Canadian
I'll Never Know Them (The Way That I Know You)
Tigre Benvie - Year Of The Mutt Canadian
the Staples' set:
John McPhee's Homestead
MaryAnn Harris - Crow Girls Canadian
The Love of Leaving
Shawna Caspi - Paint by Numbers Canadian
Tara Porter - Carry On Canadian
Sound of Lions - 11:44 Canadian
Pleather - Dusty Has Left the Building Canadian
nero - Zedonk Canadian