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Bew Cocky Salsa

Bew Cocky Salsa
Tuesday November 10th, 2015 with the Staples
Do the 95!

Well, after last week's show, nothing could possibly top it, so we went with a selection of songs from 1995. Seriously, check out last week's show, though.
I Wish
Skee-Lo - I Wish
Blind Melon - Soup
Smashing Pumpkins - Meloncholie and the Inifnite Sadness
The Bird Man
Our Lady Peace - Naveed Canadian
Heaven Beside You
Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains
Burn One Down
Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind
the Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia
Bjork - Post
The Last Polka
Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five
Big Me
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
Lucky Charm
The Apples In Stereo - Fun Trick Noisemaker
Champagne Supernova
Oasis - What's the Story (Morning Glory)