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Bew Cocky Salsa

Bew Cocky Salsa
Tuesday June 10th, 2014 with the Staples
Ottawa Night in Ottawa!

A show of Ottawa music! Just for you!
Clockwork You
This Minor Tremble - This Minor Tremble Canadian
I Am Not a Pleasure Agent
the Reverb Syndicate - Operation: Jet Set Canadian
Messages From Your Skin
the Hilotrons - the Hilotrons Canadian
Sound of Lions - Take Me With You Canadian New
Pleather - Dusty Has Left the Building Canadian
Swiss Chalet
the Busboyeez - Virgin Emergency Canadian
Where Flowers Should Be
... as the poets affirm - the Jaws That Bite, the Claws that Catch Canadian
Something Pure
DJ Rise Ashen - Urban Fugues Canadian
Sideways Turned Round
Maryann Harris - Crow Girls Canadian
nero - Zedonk Canadian