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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday March 9th, 2010 with David Leibold
Alan Surmachynski

Al's away for a bit... no discernible overall theme tonight.
Vacant Youth
Jay Malinowski - Bright Lights & Bruises - Pirates Blend/Sony Canadian New
Jeremy Enigk - Return of the Frog Queen - Sub Pop
3000 Miles
Tracy Chapman - Where You Live - Elektra
Be All, End All
David Martel - I Hardly Knew Me - Kindling/Warner Canadian
As Seen Through Windows
Belle Orchestre - As Seen Through Windows - Arts & Crafts Canadian New
Moe Koffman - 1967 - Just a Memory/CBC Canadian
The Year in Review
Nojo w/Sam Rivers - City of Neighbourhoods - True North Canadian
Here as a Guest
Gordon Gano & The Ryans - Under the Sun - Yep Roc
Daughters Will Tune You
Brother Danielson - Brother:Son - Secretly Canadian
Spy School Graduation Theme
Shadowy Men From a Shadowy Planet - The Lure of the Bait, the Luck of the Hook - Jetpac Canadian
Gary Numan - Jagged - Metropolis
Transformers Theme
MuteMath - Transformers soundtrack - Warner
That's When I Reach for my Revolver
Moby - Animal Rights - Elektra
Bela Lugosi's Dead
Bauhaus - Crackle - Beggars Banquet
Vampire Girl
Crunchy - Clown School Dropout - GasFist
Train Song (Demise of the Caboose)
Victoria Williams - Musings of a Creekdipper - Atlantic
Blue Train
Ian Ferrier - What is this Place? - Bongo Beat Canadian
Night Train
Bruce Cockburn - Anything Anytime Anywhere - True North Canadian
Good2Go - Accessorize - indie Canadian
Rwa Gasabo / Baraka
Mighty Popo - Muhazi - indie Canadian