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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday June 21st, 2011 with Alan Surmachynski

Tonight you can expect to hear some Native,Latin,African,ska,rock,soul & how do you clasify Carl Stalling,Spike Jones,Frank Zappa?
Charlie Wenjack
Willie Dunn - Akwesane Notes Canadian
Akua Tuta
Kastin - Here & Now Canadian
My Journey
Anita Issaluk - Songs for the northern heart Canadian
Forever dancing
Whitetail Singers - Here & Now Canadian
Strong women song
Women of Wabano - Voices Canadian
Bidi Maradu
Lura - Women of the world ( asoustic )
Maria Cristina
Eliades Ochoa - Grand Exitos
Plena Matrimonial
Elirac All Stars - Cult Cargo Salsa Boricua de Chicago
Johnny Heastrud - Nigeria disco funk special
Fela Kuti - Africa the best of.....
Ise Nla
Tony Allen - Lagos no shaking
Rebel Chant
The Real Deal - The Allskanadian Club Vol.5 Canadian
Best of Intentions
The Skatterbrains - Buckwheat Road Canadian
At the border guy
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Global a go-go
Draw your breaks
Jimmy Cliff - The Harder they come
Chalice in the palace
U-Roy - Dread in a Babylon
Soul Rebel
The Gladiators - Reggae Vibrations
There were dinosaurs
Gregory Pepper - xxx Canadian
The Bicycles - The good the bad & the cuddly Canadian
Winter under covers
Belleisle - Longstanding Canadian
I will remain
Mattew & the Atlas - To the north ep
Puttytat Trouble Part 6
Carl Stalling - Project
William Tell Overture
Spike Jones - Strictly for music lovers
G spot tornado
Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark
I got you
James Brown - Sex Machine & other soul classics
JAmes Hunter - The hard way
Let the goodtimes roll
Dr. John - The Ultimate
Worryin Shoes
Quick Silver Messenger Service - Solid Silver
Make it last
The Bella Bombs - Liquid Explosion