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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 with Alan Surmachynski

Gil Scott Heron - The Best of Blaxploitation
School boy crush
AWB - In Yo Face-The History of Funk Vol.4 1976
Lamb Ji
Mark Ernestus Ndagga Rhythm Force - Yermande
Muse - Drones 2015
We'll make time( even when there ain't no time)
Hawksley Workman - Meat 2010 Canadian
Of the waves
Hobsons Choice - Of the Waves 2012 Canadian
Jail Bird
Shannon Graham & The Story Tellers - Shannon Graham & The Story Tellers Canadian
The Getaway
Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers - Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers Canadian
Pesach zelt
So Called - The So Called Sender Canadian
Moth wing bite
The Slip - Eisenhower
Three Wolf Moon - Three Wolf Moon 2013 Canadian
The only bad
JP Mortier - The Only Bad 2012 Canadian
Old Friend
Dogwood - This is not a new album 2001 (1998)
Come on teacher
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Truthfully Truthfully 2003 Canadian
Gen Gorman - For a Friend 2017 Canadian
Yet again
Goran Kafjies Subtropic Arkestra - The Reason Why Vol.2 2014
G spot tornado
Frank Zappa - The Yellow Shark Modern Ensemble 1993
Sleater-Kinney - One Beat 2002
Bad Thing
King Tuff - King Tuff 2012
Sunshine skyway
GospelbeacH - Pacific Surf Line 2015
Had it all
Allah Las - Worship The Sun 2014
Outta Town
Jeffery Lewis & Los Bolts - Manhattan 2015
Rings of Saturn
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree 2016
Speed of light
Joseph Authur - Come to Where I'm From 2000
Primrose green
Ryley Walker - Primrose Green 2015
Dead or in Jail
William Clarke Green - Rose Queen 2013
Loose ends
Steve Dawson - Solid States & Loose Ends 2016 Canadian
Not my baby
Romi Mayes - Lucky Tonight 2011 Canadian
Burden of shame
UB40 - Signing Off 1980
Interactive CKCU
Kevo from Kingston
Hi Alan, great show as usual! hi also to Sharon from Caledonia

9:14 PM, July 18th, 2017
haha! hi fellow listener Kevo from Kingston! and hi Alan. Loving the show!

9:30 PM, July 18th, 2017
Alan Surmachynski (host)
Thanks for tuning in and glad you are enjoying the show. Thanks!

9:39 PM, July 18th, 2017