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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 with Alan Surmachynski

Sunny side of the street
The Pogues - The Essential
I've just seen a face
The Paperboys - Molinos Canadian
Roly Poly
The Little Willies - The Little Willies
Drive like lightning,crash like thunder 2000
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Vavoom
Heart full of soul
Rush - Feedback Canadian
Gotto get enough time
The Fleur de Lys - Choice EP
I wish you would
The Yardbirds - Crossroads 1988
Necessary evil
Edgar " Jones" Jones - Gettin a little help from Joneses 2007
Zydeco boogaloo
Buckwheat Zydeco - Aligator Stomp Vol 2
The knife
Genesis - Tresspass 1970
Sons of the silent age 2004
Danny Michel - Loving The Alien .........Sings the Songs of David Bowie Canadian
Seize ans en soixante-seize
Beau Dommage - Un Autre Jour Arrive en Ville 1977 Canadian
Aide-de-Camp - Dear Skeleton 2006 Canadian
I am one
Smashing Pumkins - Gish 1991
Money talk
Pretenders - Last of the Independents 1994
Papa was a rolling stone
Was ( Not Was ) - Hello Dad, I'm in Jail 1992
Get the funk out ma face 1976
Brothers Johnson - The Best of......
Stayin alive
Bee-Gees - Saturday Night Fever 1977
The sky above the mud below
Tom Russell - The Rose of the San Joaquin 1995
Morning Train
David Francey - The Waking Hour Canadian
Feedback in the fields
Plants & Animals - Parc Avenue Canadian
I don't wannt it
Les Tabernacles - Born Ready 2002 Canadian
It's on the rocks
The Donnas - Spend the Night 2002
Young Neighbours - The Landscraper Canadian
You still believe in me
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds 1966
Pounding the cave
Nassau - Machines to Paradise 2006 Canadian
Ever so slow
Luma - Life Unity Music Amplified
Everything is moving to fast
Peggy Lee - Collector Series
The world spins madly on
The Weepies - Say I am you 2006
Real light
The Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass
Something that you do
The Yellow Melodies - A Brilliant Escape
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