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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday October 5th, 2010 with Alan Surmachynski

Good Friday
Cowboy Junkies - Miles From Home Canadian
Wrecking Ball
Amelia Curan - Hunter Hunter Canadian
Church of the long grass
John Wort Hannam - Queen's Hotel Canadian
Farm Boy
Gordie Tentrees - Bottle neck to wire Canadian
The one that got away
The John Henry's - The John Henry's Canadian
Full of rust
Trevor Alguire - Thirty year run Canadian
Diamonds in the mine
The Broken Family - Balls
13 weeds
Mike Plume Band - 8:30 Newfoundland Canadian
Luke Doucet & the White Falcon - Steel City Trawler Canadian New
Unmissable grey,mixed paint
Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten Canadian New
All in one move
Hayden - Skyscrapper National Park Canadian
Care of cell 44
The Zombies - Odessy & Orcle
Waterloo Sunset
Peter Bruntell - The modern genius of Ray Davis
I don't want to spoil the party
The Beatles - For Sale
Cabin essence
Brian Wilson - Smile
Two Tongues
Blue Rodeo - Casino Canadian
Coma Girl
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Street Code
Come on everybody (get down)
Us 3 - Broadway & 52'nd.
Morcheeba - Dive Deep
Screw driver
The White Stripes - The White Stripes
Mama, I got a brand new thing
Undisputed Truth - Summer of Mowtown
Premature Feat. Bonnie Rait
Toot's & the Maytals - Lifgt your light
The Answer
Lone Ranger - On the other side of dub
Deep dark dub
Dubmatrix - System Shakedown Canadian
Police truck
Dead Kennedy's - Give me convenience or give me death
Red London
Sham 69 - The punk singles collection 1977-1980
I had to much to dream last night
The Electric Prunes - Instant Garage
California Dreaming
The Hi Standards - Survival of the fattest
Lucky guy
The Muffs - The Muffs
I can't Explain
Snuff - The Who Coverd
King of swing
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
The Jumpin Jive
Cab Calloway - Let's Swing
Oldman Mose
Eddy Duchin - Let's Swing
I got a war
Gluecifer - How we Rock