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Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday August 10th, 2010 with Teresa Bandrowska
Folk fest/Polska fest

Making My Way to You
Jim Cuddy - All in Time Canadian
Luke Doucet - Aloha Manitoba Canadian
Country Rebel
The Foggy Hogtown Boys - Northern White Clouds Canadian
Rattle These Bones
Hoots & Hellmouth - eponymous
The Acorn - glory hope mountain Canadian
Mighty Popo - Ngagara Canadian
Night Windows
The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour Canadian
without piano
Jim Bryson - The Occassionals Canadian
Up From the River
Kim Beggs - Wanderer's Paen Canadian
You Don't Love Me Anymore
Lynne Miles - Slightly Haunted Canadian
We've Got a Lot to Be Glad For
Rock Central Plaza - ...
I Do
Peter Katz and the Curious - More Nights Canadian
Not Another Woman
Caroyn Mark and Her Roomates - Team Mint Vol. 2 Canadian
Gypsy's Curse
Calexico - The Black Light
Jenny Whitely - eponymous Canadian
Karolina Cicha, Slavik - New
To Nie Ptak
Kaya i Bregovic - eponymous
David B. Saw War
Karolina Cicha,Jurij Andruchchowycz - New
Modlila Sie Dziewczyna
Brathanki - Ano
Fresh Another Chance
Ragana - A Long Delay Ago New
Warszawa Da Sie Lubic
Karolina Cicha,Rastamaniek -
Poziom Adrenaliny
Zakopower - Musichal New
Warsaw Village Band - Uprooting
Traditional Rural Polka
Warsaw Village Band - People's Spring
Kult - Hurra New
Son del Viento
Teodolo Naranjo - The Real Mexico in Music and Song
dogsong 2
The Be Good Tanyas - Chinatown Canadian
all the trees are hers
Hawksley Workman - between the beautifuls Canadian
chodzcie chlopaki
Kult - hurra New
Blackfire - Silence is a weapon
Czerwona Zaraza
Karolina Cicha & Titus - New