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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday February 10th, 2015 with Alan Surmachynski

Some of the musical styles that you can expect to hear this evening,rock, jazz, blues, electronic, hip-hop, country and folk
The Alison yip school for girls
Wood Pigeon - Songbook C Canadian
Stacey B
Sunny Pompeii - Breakfast of Champignons Canadian
Mothface @
Bob Wiseman - Giulietta Masina Crying at The Oscars Canadian
Alistair & Allison
Cinderpop - Manic Sparkles Canadian
Covered Wagons
P:ano - Brigadoon Canadian
Synthcake - Musicophilia Canadian
Great gree light
Young Liars - Homesick Future Canadian
Rich you find love
Un - Un Canadian
Wintermitts - Oceans Canadian
Skeleton man
The Waxbills - When Love Comes Canadian
Your boyfriend blues
Blood Meridion - Kick up the Dust Canadian
The Joke is over
Damien Jurado - Water Saves
Everthing is wrong
Interpol - Elpintor
No - El Prado
Body motivation
Bernice - What Was That Canadian
Missing & done
Del Bel - Oneiric Canadian
Romantics I
Inlet Sound - The Romantics Canadian
Rats that now star
Pugs & Crows - Fantastic Pictures Canadian
Andy Hass - Taballah
The Realm part 1
Hutchinson Andrew Trio - Prairie Modern Canadian
CFCF - Exercises Canadian
Tyler Hornby B3 Trio - Locus Canadian
Gone clear
Relic - Miles to go Canadian
Sweatshop Union - Infinite Canadian
Tanuki - Tanuki Canadian
Orange Grove
Shanimal - Rough & Tumble
Old man of the mountain
Kyp Harness - Can a poor man get a fair trial Canadian
White freightline blues
Towns Van Zant - In Concert
On the line
Tim Bradford - Drinking Alone Canadian
Shotguns, cacti and vengence
Graham Brown & The Prarie Dogs - Showdown Canadian
Can't even do wrong right
Elvin Bishop - Can't Even do Wrong Right
Statesboro blues
Bill Durst - Live Canadian
Better back in time
Cocaine Moustache - On The Mirror Canadian