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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday August 5th, 2014 with Alan Surmachynski

Mike Plume - Table For One Canadian
Dustin Bental & The Smokes - Orion Canadian
Fortitude valley
Wagons - Acid Rain & Sugar Cane
Commin atcha live/truckin
Telsa - Five Man Acoustical Jam
West Nashville Boogie
Steve Earle - The Hard Way
Open all night
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
John Antoniuk - Always With You Canadian
House of liers
Cam Penner - To Build a Fire Canadian
Down to the river
Ben Caplan & The Casaual Smokers - In The Time of The Remembering Canadian
Old Grouth
Hobson's Choice - Treelines Canadian
Lundi matin le deluge
Mehdi Cayenne Club - Na Na Boo Boo Canadian
Cist jsem od krve
The Plastic people of the universe - Paijove Hry Velikon
Sirba de la zece prgini
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Radio Pascani
Turtle Syndrome
Gaby Warren - Reflections of a Jazz Fanatic Canadian
If I walked on water
Ted Hefkor & The Thousandaires - If I Walked on Water
Ain't that a kick in the head
Dean Martin - Swingin with..........
Oh you pretty things
David Bowie - The Best of.... 1969-1974
Weight of the world
Hayden - In Field & Town Canadian
Working class hero
Green Day - Instant Karma
Hard times
Gob Iron - Death Songs For the Living
Wasp nest
The National - Cherry Tree
I did what I could
Two Hours Traffic - Siren Spell EP Canadian
The corner of Broadway
Animal Nation - The Basement Tapes Vol 4 Canadian
International colouring contest
Stereo Lab - Nars Audiac Quintet
The Maiden
Bei Ru - Little Armrnia
Three cheers on our side
Orange Juice - The Fruit of the original sin
Paul Weller - Modern Classics
The white witch women blues
Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones Canadian
Stupid army punk
Esusu Certuf Punk - Old Punks Never Die
Take you away
Ogange 9mm - Tragic
Magneta Lane - Dancing with daggers Canadian
En Benne
Les Cowboys Fringants - Break Syndical Canadian
Give em the boot
Roger Merit & The Disasters - Give Em The Boot III