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YOW Jazz
Tuesday May 28th, 2024 with Ian M.
Previewing the upcoming performances of the James McGowan Ensemble and Diabolus in Musica, and new releases

The James McGowan Ensemble is playing at the National Art Centre's Fourth Stage on May 28 at 7:30 p.m.: Diabolus in Musica is playing at the Southminster United Church in Old Ottawa South on May 29 at noon:
Killer Joe
Benny Golson - Golden Standards, Volume 1 - Arkadia Records, 2024 New
Sweet Pickles
Kirsten Edkins - Shapes & Sound - Cohearant Records, 2023
By The Way
Kelly Green - Seems - Green Soul Studios, 2024 New
Am I Doing It Right?
Charlie Pyne Quartet - Nature is a Mother - 33 Jazz, 2024 New
Lawrence Fields - To the Surface - Rhythm 'n' Flow Records New
Scott Marshall - The Solitude Suite - Self-released, 2024 Canadian New
Eleanor's Waltz
Daniel Janke Winter Trio - Available Light - Chronograph Records, 2024 Canadian New
No Dinosaurs Here
Julian Costello Quartet - And All The Birds Were Set Free - 33 Jazz, 2024 New
I've Got the Diabolus in Me
Diabolus In Musica - DOMS Concert, 2021 - Youtube, 2021 Canadian
Diabolus In Musica is: Mia Beaudoin-Dion, compositions and piano, Denis Rousseau, trombone, and Keiran Warskett-Lambert, double bass
Alone in a Crowd
James McGowan Ensemble - Reaching Out - Self-released, 2024 Canadian New
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Ian Mackenzie (host)
Welcome to YOW Jazz - thanks for tuning in!

10:59 AM, May 28th, 2024
tres cool!;-) 🎵🎶👍

11:11 AM, May 28th, 2024
Ian Mackenzie (host)
Glad you’re enjoying the tunes hillbilly!

11:12 AM, May 28th, 2024
Ian Mackenzie (host)
I’ll be back on June 11 with more new releases. Thanks for listening!

11:52 AM, May 28th, 2024