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YOW Jazz
Tuesday April 16th, 2024 with Ian M.
Upcoming performances: Carn Davidson 9, Kevin Goss, and Kenji Omae plus a few new releases.

In this show we will hear from William Carn, the co-leader of the Carn Davidson 9, playing at the NAC on Friday, April 19, as well as previewing the music of two other performers coming to town - Kenji Omae and Kevin Goss
Carn Davidson 9 will be playing at the National Arts Centre on April 19:
Kevin Goss is playing at the Montgomery Scotch Lounge on April 18:
Kenji Omae is playing with the Peter Hum Quartet on April 26:
Hit Record (excerpt)
Manteca - The Offspring Project - self-released, 2023 Canadian
After the Fact
John Scofield - Quiet - Verve Records, 1996
A Mother's Song
Carn Davidson 9 - History of Us - self-released, 2021 Canadian
The Epitaph (For Mom)
Carn Davidson 9 - History of Us - self-released, 2021 Canadian
CD9 explaining the themes of family and history in History of Us:
R.C. Cooler
Kevin Goss - Gratitude - self-released, 2020 Canadian
Crises and Reckonings
Peter Hum - Ordinary Heroes - self-released, 2019 Canadian
Don't Forget
Kenji Omae - Ten Thousand Steps - self-released, 2023 Canadian
Your Love (feat. Meshell Ndgeceocello and Brandee Younger)
Lizz Wright - Shadow - Blues and Greens Records, 2024 New
Wild is the Wind
Kandace Springs - Run Your Race - SRP Records, 2024 New
La Tristeza
Alliance - Alliance - Shifting Paradigm Records, 2024 New
Interactive CKCU
Neil and his Dancing Labrador
Nice surprise! Manteca and John Scofield. Two artists I played all the time, but have not heard in quite a while. Thanks, Ian

10:53 AM, April 16th, 2024
Ian Mackenzie (host)
The Manteca is new - out last year. They’re still alive and kickin’! Thanks for listening

11:26 AM, April 16th, 2024