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Tuesday January 30th, 2024 with Michèle Faiola
Episode 1 - This Place is for You

Join Michèle for the series kickoff as she chats with Lane Bourbonniere, Carleton alum and Indigenous curricula learning specialist. Discover the various supports for Indigenous students and explore the necessity of culturally specific programming. In this episode, Lane highlights challenges and empowering initiatives, setting the stage for a more inclusive university experience. Tune in for an impactful conversation on Indigenous student life at Carleton. For more information on resources available to Indigenous students are Carleton, visit Sources: ABTube27. 2018, May 2. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide - Intro (Instrumental) [Video]. YouTube. McCue, H.A. (2011). Education of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The Canadian Encyclopedia.
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Dave A
Congrats Michèle, sounding good! :D

1:10 PM, January 30th, 2024