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Easier Said Than Done
Wednesday March 6th, 2024 with Natalie Hall and Emelie Cowan
Finding Your Inner (Hobby) Horse Girl

Kicking off our series on hobbies we spoke to Hannah Judge A.K.A Fanclubwallet about her "intense" hobby, cartooning. Hannah walks us through how her hobby – making music – became her main thing & how her main thing – making comics – became her hobby. We discuss how music has impacted her art practice, the difference in these creative outlets, and we advocate for ripping people off (not really but you'll see)! You can find Hannah's art on Instagram @fanclubwallet and @hannahisntdead. Hope you all enjoy!
fanclubwallet - Canadian
Gullet - Gullet! Canadian
Clink Clink
fanclubwallet -
Hannah I Hate You
fanclubwallet - Small Songs, Vol.1
Car Crash in G Major
fanclubwallet - Canadian
Band Like That
fanclubwallet - Canadian
Feelin' Funny
fanclubwallet - Small Songs, Vol.1 Canadian
What I Can (toothbrusher2000) - Remix
emmersonHALL, toothbrusher200 - Ography (Remixed) Canadian
to know that we lasted a life
Naked Neighbours - What's Another Hour To Know That We Lasted a Life Canadian
Interactive CKCU
music is a hobby

10:52 AM, March 6th, 2024