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Night Shift
Sunday March 31st, 2024 with Sam Smalley
Shift #49: Melodic techno, drum & bass, psytech, progressive!

Electro and drum & bass releases from Extra Terra & Muzz! Fresh stuff from local artist Samuel Echo! Most recent heavy drum & bass offering from Toronto's NC-17! New progressive, psytrance and psytechno from Sonowolf! Second installment in Daveo Villa's Ecosystems mix series featuring melodic techno from SyvyL!
Extra Terra - Futurephonk New
Muzz - Galvanize New
The Journey
Samuel Echo - The Journey Canadian New
Another Chance
Samuel Echo - Another Chance Canadian New
Drum & Bass Mix (28/03/24)
NC-17 - Drum & Bass Mix (28/03/24) Canadian New
Wild Ride
Sonowolf - Wild Ride Canadian New
Ecosystem Volume 2: SyvyL
SyvyL - Ecosystem Volume 2: SyvyL Canadian New
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