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Night Shift
Sunday January 28th, 2024 with Sam Smalley
Shift #40: Hardcore, techno, drum and bass, dubstep, riddim!

New tunes from GooseTronics, Dustin Funkman & NC-17! EP showcase of Colorado artist Petty Passion! Heavy dubstep & riddim mix from Heavy K! Recent liquid drum & bass offering from Outsider in Vancouver! Second installment of Wild Beats from DJ DartFrog featuring indie dance sounds & melodic house notes! Note: No talking segment on this edition of Night Shift for me, but that just means less blabbing and more tunes for everyone! I'll be back on the mic for the next edition- have a great week!
Base Acid (Original Mix)
GooseTronics & Dustin Funkman - Base Acid (Original Mix) Canadian New
Microchip Convention
NC-17 & Dauntless - Dispatch Best of 2023 Canadian New
Petty Passion - Europa New
Petty Passion - Europa New
Petty Passion - Europa New
Petty Passion - Europa New
Dub Invasion
Heavy K - Dub Invasion Canadian New
Allergic To My Love
Outsider - Allergic To My Love Canadian New
Wild Beats Volume 2
DJ DartFrog - Wild Beats Volume 2 Canadian New
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