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Night Shift
Sunday November 5th, 2023 with Sam Smalley
Shift #28: Funding drive #2, dubs, psytrance, techno, house!

New dubs off So Durand's new compilation album featuring some of their best material! Other dub collabs too! Fresh 90 minute psytrance set from Khromata at the Ozora Festival a few months ago! New house, electro and trance mix by me exclusive for Night Shift! Relaxing techno offering from Ottawa's own Jason Skilz / Transmit! We are in the midst of funding drive week 2! Thanks to all who have donated already and to those who will contribute in the coming days! In a world of corporate radio, think about all the great things our station does to promote diversity, represent artists left behind by the mainstream and the local communities we connect through our important volunteer work! Please support CKCU and Night Shift here: Remember: a $75 dollar or more donation enters you into the running for our daily prize packs from local businesses and our grand prize drawing worth over $750 dollars! All prizes come from local businesses who have partnered with CKCU to reward donors who have gone above and beyond to support us during funding drive! Check out the CKCU main page for additional information on participating businesses, potential prizes and criteria for being able to win!
Shimmy Shabba Dub
So Durand - Dubs From Da Commonwealth Canadian New
Boom Boom X2 Dub
So Durand - Dubs From Da Commonwealth Canadian New
Seeing Double Dub
So Durand & Sacha Foster - Dubs From Da Commonwealth Canadian New
Picture Perfect Dub
So Durand - Picture Perfect Dub Canadian New
Mindless Dub
So Durand & Kennedy Layne - Mindless Dub Canadian New
Khromata @ Ozora Festival 2023
Khromata - Khromata @ Ozora Festival 2023 New
Night Shift Mix November 2023
Sam Smalley - Night Shift Mix November 2023 Canadian New
Technical Assembly
Transmit / Jason Skilz - Technical Assembly Canadian New
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