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Night Shift
Sunday September 24th, 2023 with Sam Smalley
Shift #22: Industrial, drum and bass, electronic, dubstep, dub!

Loads of new tunes from Ekali, Extra Terra, LazerPunk, Antigen Shift, F.O.O.L and ToneVizion among others! New dubstep EP and loose tracks from Wraz! Pete Shredz's most recent live drum and bass set! Thug Shell's contribution to the Village Girls's Takeover Mix at Shambhala! New intense drum and bass offering from Ottawa's own XD3SIGN! Note: I somehow (stupidly) forgot to mention Antigen Shift by name during my talking segment, so here is the link to their Bandcamp if you want to check out some more of their content and that extended remix edition of "Where is Your Rage." Link:
Ekali - Alinea Canadian New
Ekali - Alinea Canadian New
Back from the Future
Extra Terra & Lazerpunk - Back from the Future New
Extra Terra & Rogue VHS - Outbreak New
Extra Terra & Rogue VHS - Altered New
This is the Underground
Wraz - Delirium Canadian New
In the Dungeon
Wraz - Delirium Canadian New
Wraz - Delirium Canadian New
Wraz - Akuma Canadian New
F.O.O.L & Skum - Mothership New
The Law
F.O.O.L & Pylot - The Law New
Antigen Shift - Arcane Canadian
Love the Machine
Antigen Shift - Love the Machine Canadian New
Where Is Your Rage
Antigen Shift - Where Is Your Rage Canadian New
Fractaled Mirrors
ToneVizion & Orbito - Fractaled Mirrors New
Summers End '23 Live Set
Pete Shredz - Summers End '23 Live Set Canadian New
Village Drum and Bass Girls Takeover!
Thug Shells - Shambhala 2023 Canadian New
D N B Madness
XD3SIGN - D N B Madness Canadian New
Interactive CKCU