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Wednesday April 3rd, 2024 with Kay Osborne
Cortex is coming to Canada !!

This week, I am excited to do another artist showcase. Join me in listening to Cortex and discussing their upcoming tour in Canada !! Today I play the debut albums 'Tropeau Bleu' and 'Cortex Vol.2'. Cortex is deemed the most sampled French music group of all time !! Tune in to see if you can hear any of your favourite songs within the albums :) ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ โ†’
*Full Album*
Cortex - Tropeau Bleu
*Played up until 'Rรฉgina'*
Cortex - Cortex Vol.2
Interactive CKCU
Heavy Ben
Fantastic! Thanks Kay for spotlighting Cortex

8:37 PM, April 3rd, 2024