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Thursday December 8th, 2022 with Janne Cleveland & Lawrence Aronovitch
Cathy Levy

Join Professor Janne Cleveland and rocket scientist-turned-playwright Lawrence Aronovitch as they speak with Cathy Levy: current Executive Producer of Dance at the National Arts Centre. Cathy has devoted her professional working life to the performing arts, dedicating herself to the creation, development and presentation of artistic projects, most notably in the dance field. She joined Canada’s National Arts Centre in the fall of 2000, having acquired an enviable reputation throughout the Canadian and international dance communities.  Cathy is looked upon as a key figure in the Canadian and international dance milieu and is sought after by emerging artists, producers and arts administrators for advice and short- and long-term mentorships.  In 2019, she was appointed Member of the Order of Canada in recognition of her contribution to dance in Canada. Got ideas for an episode? Email or via Twitter (@Carletondrama).
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