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Thursday October 19th, 2023 with WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden
A history of the Western imagination

Starting with the witch scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth, this program illuminates how in different eras, and among different classes in Western Europe and North America, who was considered a witch, what was believed or disbelieved about them, and how they were treated - whether tortured, despised, or admired - have all gone through remarkable transformations over time. Primary speakers: Dr Diane Purkiss, witchcraft historian, Oxford University; and Anne Laveau, trans Dutch magical worker. Other credits: Produced by Mindy Ran; Series Producer, Frieda Werden. Shakespeare's 3 witches performed by David Swatling, Jonbathan Groubert and Howard Shannon; Yeats and Bradley-Zimmer readings by Bertine Krol, Liesbeth de Bakker, and Ann Blair Gould. Portions of this programme were previously broadcast on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Vox Humana series, and reused with permission. Topics: Western Europe, history, witches, religion, folktales, superstition, sexism, trans, Halloween
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