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Thursday September 21st, 2023 with WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden
Mother for Gays ... In homophobic Kenya, a mother spreads acceptance

According to international polls, more than 80 percent of Kenyans oppose acceptance for homosexual relations, and more than 90 percent oppose same-sex marriage. There are harsh penalties prescribed by law, insults like "mashoga" are tossed about, and violence - and even death - are serious possibilities. In the US, parents of gays played a major role in societal acceptance. Kenyan mother Mary Mumbi tells the story of how she came to terms with her daughter's sexuality and has come to provide emotional support for other gays, to connect with the gay rights movement, and to speak out to family and associates - even. in church - about accepting and respecting gay people. She says gays were created by God, and that people who insult them may well have closeted gays in their own families. Credits: Interview by Diana Wanyonyi. WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden.
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