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Thursday May 25th, 2023 with WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden
Homecare Worker Protest - Working 24 hours but only paid for 13 is slavery

Audio from an April 2023 rally in New York City with homecare workers and their supporters protesting 24-hour shifts paid for only 13 hours, sometimes for days in a row. City Council (now majority women and minority) promised to end this abuse and didn't. Workers are also getting screwed on a promised wage increase by the state. Speakers in various languages, with translation, include workers, organizers, feminists, former officials, and a tech worker with a similar problem. WINGS thanks the show Building Bridges from WBAI radio in New York for their excellent audio of the rally. Occupational Health and Safety | Governance / Law | Human Rights | Labor | Feminism | Racism | Work | Mothers | Service Industry | Privatization  Photos via
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