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Thursday March 9th, 2023 with WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden
Kenya Girls' Safety - Organizers tackle gender-based violence

Diana Wanyonyi interviewed organizers around her region of Kenya who work to heal and prevent gender based violence against girls. Topics include sexual exploitation, discrimination at work, breakdown of community and family guidance, poverty and criminality, interactions with the justice system, and mental health supports for both the victims and their traumatized families. Keywords: Politics and Activism, Society and Culture, Poverty and Wealth, Children and Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Governance / Law, Eastern Africa, Kenya, Childhood, Parenthood  Credits: Speakers: Fadhila Juma, confidante of teenage girls; Peggy Namadi Masika, Coast Regional Coordinator of Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children; Nailah Abdallah, founder and director of Sisters for Justice; Esther Ingolo, former radio host, now director for gender and social services at Mombasa County. Music is by girls from the Mijikenda community.
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