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Thursday February 2nd, 2023 with Dheera Sujan,Frieda Werden
Islamic Identities: Faith and Freedom

Irshad Manji is an Islamic scholar, a practicing Muslim, an anti-dogmatist, a feminist, and an out Lesbian. She believes it is possible to reconcile faith with freedom. She attributes oppression of women in Muslim societies to Arabic culture rather than dictates of the Koran. She has faced criticism and rejection, and found that cruelty is often due to fearful clinging to a sense of identity. Manji's books include The Trouble with Islam Today, and Don't Label Me. She writes: "My mission is to teach a critical mass of people the skills of moral courage: doing the right thing in the face of our fears." Credits: Interview by Dheera Sujan, shared with WINGS by Radio Netherlands; WINGS series producer Frieda Werden Key Words : Society and Culture, Feminism, Free Speech, Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans, Europe, North America, Middle East, Racism, Philosophy of Religion, Islam
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