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Songs For The Revolution
Tuesday June 25th, 2024 with Christophe Elie
Ottawa - Evan Potter talks Local Politics

Today we're talking local Ottawa politics. Recently with concerns rising around the cost of the so-called Landsdowne 2.0 as well as shocking revelations on potential conflict of interest arrangements regarding the Tewin project, the credibility of Ottawa's City council is coming under scrutiny. Hear what Associate Professor of Communications, Evan Potter has to say on this week's episode of Songs for the Revolution.
The Capital City
Christine McCann -
Interactive CKCU
3ppp s are a total scam. trust me. The $$$ controlling $$$ is not elected. I know the game.

11:36 AM, June 25th, 2024
plus, they don't care about quality they build ugly shit! Boxes!

11:38 AM, June 25th, 2024
Diane McIntyre
Remember that OSEG hosted a huge fundraiser prior to Mayor Sutcliffe's election. He claimed he had not had developer funding. Lansdowne 2.0 has a flawed financial plan & will cost us a fortune to fund Greenberg et al.

2:54 PM, June 25th, 2024