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Songs For The Revolution
Tuesday April 23rd, 2024 with Christophe Elie
Songs from the Great Canadian Song Along Artists

Writers’ Bloc and 2nd Sunday Songwriters hosted the 32nd Annual Great Canadian Song Along. This annual event dreamt up by Karen Leslie Hall, unfolded this year over 3 nights, including a night in Gananoque. The idea is each year songwriters are presented with 6 Topics chosen by the a writers groups and they have about 2 months or so to write a song and then perform it at the GCSA. This year's Song-Along topics are... - Just out of reach - Family history - Bad pretender - Long journey - Break the ice - In the ditch The event was organized by myself, Greg Kelly and Chris White and Karen Leslie Hall organized her event in Gananoque. We had about 40 Songwriters Participate in Ottawa and 16 in Gananoque. And by the way it’s Earth Day folks, please contact your local and or PM Trudeau to remind them of this.
Come Home to Me
Karen Leslie Hall - Canadian
Mama's Cooking
Jim Robinson -
Bill 21
Audrey Saparno -
Just Within Reach
Christophe Elie -
Interactive CKCU
Great Song Along. Thanks.

11:45 PM, April 23rd, 2024