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Tuesday April 5th, 2022 with Jason Dunkorley and Jacob Shymanski
Christophe Elie

This week, we're joined by fellow CKCU host, Christophe Elie and discuss the controversial new development of Ottawa's civic hospital
Seize the Moment
Christophe Elie - Bridging Borders Canadian
Song About a Tree
Greg Kelly - Single Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Good Morning Jason, Jacob and Christophe. What an excellent show!!! This is a very important issue—Jason, while you and I can easily run the 500 meters, not everyone is able to do this. The placement of the hospital so far away from the LRT is wrong on so many levels. Seize the Moment is one of my favourite songs!!! Thank you to all for speaking up for the trees, as well as those who have disabilities.

8:42 AM, April 5th, 2022
Diana Beresford Kroeger!!! The World's Expert about trees! Lives very close! please try & interview...& get onside...what a Gem!!! great show! merci!

9:06 AM, April 5th, 2022