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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday January 3rd, 2023 with Jeff Larocque
Jeff's TOP Tracks of 2022

Thank you to all the Tuesday Special Blend Fans for making us #11 on the list of the Top Shows heard On Demand at The Mighty 93.1 in 2022. Merci, mes amis!
Cutting So Fine (show theme)
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Vicki Brittle - Breakdown (Single) (2021) - #17 in Jeff's TOP Tracks of 2022 Canadian
Paragon Cause - Disconnected (Single) (2021) - #16 Canadian
Area Resident - Quasar (2021) - #15 Canadian
Hull Sombre
Menthüll - Hull Sombre (Single) (2022) - #14 Canadian
RedFox - Stranger Love (2021) - #13 Canadian
In The Heart (2021)
Two Oceans & One Sea - In The Heart (Single) feat. Spezzo & Hollywood Junkii - #12 Canadian
End of first half hour of programming. If you are wondering why some 2021 singles made it onto this list, that is because I was on sabbatical for most of 2021 and decided to bring a few of my favourite songs forward to get the recognition I feel they deserve. These are my picks. No scientific data or marketing/sales numbers to back them up. Just great local tunes IMO.
Green Onions (opening hour theme)
Booker T. & the M.G.'s - Green Onions (single) (1962) - Jeff's TOP Tracks of 2022 cont'd
A New Friend
Hemlock Hotel - Tailwind (2022) - #11 Canadian
Away From The Sun
Evil Creek - Away From The Sun (Single) (2022) - #10 Canadian New
California Agriculture Inspection Station Blues
The Bushpilots - Kings of Mustang (release date TBD) - #9 New
Danielle Allard - Invader (2022) - #8 Canadian New
YOU flipped
OK Naledi - YOU flipped (Single) (2022) - #7 Canadian
Something You Should Know About Me
Horojo Trio - Set The Record (2022) - #6 Canadian
Greener Grasses
Graven - Simple Complex (2022) - #5 Canadian
8 of Hearts
Blinker The Star - Love Oblast (2022) - #4 Canadian New
Come Home
Vicki Brittle - Come Home (Single) (2022) - #3 Canadian
Church of Trees - Pish Posh (2022) - #2 Canadian
100 Mile Wind
Lynne Hanson - Ice Cream In November - Jeff's TOP Track of 2022 Canadian
Just a Little "Rob Preuss Mesmerace Mix" (faded for BBC News)
Church of Trees - Pish Posh (2022) - Jeff's TOP Album of 2022 Canadian
CKCUFM Top Albums & Shows heard On Demand in 2022. Check it out here:
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Jeff, loving the show! Thank you for counting down the best of the last couple years! I still have a few tracks to go, it’s been great hearing all these tracks from familiar artists, some not. Happy New Year Jeff, congrats on beginning another new year on CKCU, best wishes for 2023!!

11:34 AM, January 11th, 2023