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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 with CKCU & Carleton Drama Studies
A Little Too Maybe Part One

Like a record scratching to a stop, in-person classes at Carleton University came to an abrupt halt in March 2020. Six months later Rachel Stanley, Jadi Genita, and Drew Torresan, all enrolled in a theatre production seminar, found themselves facing a challenge. The main assignment was to create and perform a play, but due to pandemic restrictions, they would not be able to meet to write and rehearse, let alone stage a show in front of a live audience. Thankfully, Prof. Janne Cleveland, who co-ordinates the University’s Drama Studies program, and instructor Rebecca Benson contacted CKCU FM and found a unique solution. The result — A Little Too Maybe, Carleton’s first-ever radio play, about a couple falling out of love —will air on the campus-based community station CKCU, along with a three-part documentary about how the project came together. Audio production by Dylan Hunter (CKCU FM Production Manager)
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Mr. A
Just made my donation! I was able to listen to part 1 live yesterday morning, nicely done you guys! Looking forward to hearing the rest!

9:03 AM, November 4th, 2021